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Using affirmations is an excellent way to slowly reprogram your mind, replacing fearful and miserable negative beliefs with confident and joyful positive ones. Using affirmations has changed my life for the better, and I recommend using them to change yours.

The affirmations on this page are those I use myself, to bolster my confidence, and remind myself of the joy and the peace that's always available, but which may seem to be out of reach from time to time.  When I write an affirmation, I always create a tune at the same time I am forming it, to make it easier to remember. I sing affirmations to myself as I travel to and from work everyday, until I remember them so well I could sing them in my sleep, and the message finally becomes part of me.  

The affirmations here are available to anyone who would also like to make personal use of them. Or, I invite you to write your own, to address particular negative beliefs you may be holding. Use them every day to gradually wash away your fearful habits and replace them with joy and confidence.

If you have any questions or comments, or would be interested in purchasing a recording of these affirmations as I sing them, please email me at No such recording exists at this time; I would just like to discover how much interest there is in providing one.

General Affirmation
I use this affirmation as a general statement of belief in my well-being, to quell random fears I run into, and to remind myself to choose what my heart leads me to. Doing so gives me a feeling of freedom and joy, and the courage to spread my love and joy to others around me. 

        I'm full of life, which is beautiful and sweet
        I'm full of health, which is perfect and complete
        I'm always safe, and I have everything I need
        And I follow whatever my heart is drawn to
        For I'm here to enjoy the whole world
        And to share all my love with the folks around me

Dealing with Whatever Life Brings You
This affirmation is useful at more than one level; to help you in getting through difficult situations, especially if you find it hard to "stomach" what has come your way; or for gastrointestinal issues, where you actually focus on the physical processing of what you have taken into your system.

        I easily process all that I take in
        And readily release what serves me not
        I easily process all that I take in
        And readily release what serves me not
        I trust the flow, I go with the flow
        I know it will take me where miracles grow
        I love the flow, I go with the flow
        I know that it takes me where miracles grow

Countering the Fear of Moving Forward in Life
I made this affirmation to help me stop using my free time just to sit around and "be safe," and to make plans for doing new things and get out of my usual ruts.

        I welcome new experience
        I embrace new opportunities
        For I am wholly confident
        That I can meet my challenges

Affirmation for Traveling

        May the way
        Twixt thee and me
        Be clear and safe,
        Be clear and free

Dealing with Fear
This affirmation spontaneously came to mind on my way home one evening, in reaction to a sudden dread that washed over me as I rounded an otherwise familiar curve. The offering I sent with the song quickly dispelled my fear and replaced it with compassion.

        I sing you love
        I sing you love
        I send you love
        I send you love

        Forever and ever 
        And ever and ever
        And ever and ever
        And ever, amen 
        Amen, amen