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Ben Seymour, Luthier
2142 Coxe Rd., Tryon, NC 28782-7773
(828) 863-4384  kudzupatch@gmail.com

Updated March 2, 2016

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Other Instruments: Custom Projects
See also: Dulcimer Antecedents

NEW & Different!--The Dulcimer-Epinette Hybrid!

In addition to lap dulcimers, Ben Seymour makes many other stringed instruments; he's always interested in building something different.  For more information on any of those pictured below, or on an instrument you'd like to see him build, send him an email, or call (828) 863-4384 after 8:00 p.m. EST.  

"I will be glad to discuss special design requests for any instrument, and will be happy to craft an instrument to your desired specifications.  Please contact me to discuss your needs."  --Ben 

All instruments are finished with nitrocellulose semi-gloss lacquer.

   Click a thumbnail to see a big picture:

NEW & Different!
Dulcimer-Epinette Hybrid
Extremely fine work on this custom hybrid based on a dulcimer with epinette features, going to Sligo, Ireland. Top is mulberry; bottom and sides are highly-figured cherry. See Customer's Comments for the owner's comments on this instrument. Listen to Pastorale, by Michel Corrette, played by Nick O'Sullivan on this instrument.
Dulcimer-Epinette Hybrid Dulcimer-Epinette Hybrid Dulcimer-Epinette Hybrid
Dulcimer-Epinette Hybrid  Dulcimer-Epinette Hybrid Dulcimer-Epinette Hybrid
A second
Dulcimer-Epinette Hybrid
for the same customer, but in a jazz-model body. He liked the first one so much, he ordered another one in a higher key! The wood is ribbon-striped African mahogany.
Dulcimer-Epinette Hybrid
Dulcimer-Epinette Hybrid
Dulcimer-Epinette Hybrid
Bouzouki (Irish)
A beautiful, clean tone from a finely crafted instrument. Has a big sound, as do all Ben's instruments.

Irish Bouzouki

Paraguayan Harp
Made to order for Shirley Lovely (Columbus, NC).  Has tacitos (little pegs) at the bottom of particular strings for sharping, in place of levers.

Paraguayan Harp

Ukulele with a tenor neck and a radiused fretboard built for Will Hogwild (NC). 



"Kudzu Lute" 
Ben made this for an East Tennesseean who wanted an instrument that plays in  guitar position but has a dulcimer fretboard.  It has a strong, clear tone unplugged; when plugged in, it will bite through the band!

Kudzu Lute front  Kudzu Lute back  Kudzu Lute headstock detail
Sound files (mp3)
Unplugged    Plugged
(Music copyright Ben Seymour 2001) 

Bowed Psaltery 
This is a custom psaltery made for Mary Alice Goetz (Greer, SC) with special detailing. Basic models have circular soundhole and one-piece back. (Bow is included w/order.)

Bowed psaltery front    Bowed psaltery back

Travel Guitar
Made for Marshall Goers of Mauldin, SC.  Has a nice sound as well as the unique look of knotted spruce and a thunderhead soundhole.  Our friend hates to risk traveling with it, since he likes it so much! 
Travel guitar detail    Travel guitar

The Cajon
A drum that you sit on to play it! You sit with the side with the hole in it facing back and beat on the front of it. A big drum sound and seat in one!

Listen to it played by professional drummer Richard Graham:

    cajon     cajon
    cajon     cajon    

Diddy Bow
One-stringed instrument whose origins seem to be in Mississippi, played with a glass slide and either a heavy pick or a beater.
-Painted $60
-Unpainted $45

Listen to Ben play this instrument. (Click on it again after it gets started to get a larger screen.)

Diddy Bow   Travel Box Dulcimer This instrument was custom made to fit in a suitcase. It measures 25" x 8" x 2" with a VSL of 20 3/4", and has a cherry back and sides and a spruce top. There is a small removable panel in the back to allow access to the soundboard transducer.

Made for G. Suelzle.
Box Dulcimer   Box Dulcimer   Box Dulcimer   Box Dulcimer   Box Dulcimer
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