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Updated May 10, 2014

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Check out clips of our performance at Isothermal Community
College's Polk campus Jan. 25, 2008 on
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CDs ............................................... $15.00
   (includes postage)

You can contact us at

To order CDs, use PayPal to send the appropriate amount to, or if you prefer, send a check or money order to:  

   Ben Seymour  
   2142 Coxe Road  
   Tryon, NC  28782-7773

Ben and Becky in quintessential performance mode, delivering a hearty mix of vocal and instrumental
tunes of Appalachian and Celtic tradition.

Live at the University of Maryland
Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center
March 17, 2005

1.  Whiskey Before Breakfast (2:58)
2.  Going to Boston (1:34)
3.  Down the River I Go (2:43)
4.  Tater Patch (4:48)
5.  The Cuckoo (5:41)
6.  Little Buffalo Boy (3:45)
7.  Wedding Dress (3:21)

8.   Katie Cruel (4:18)
9.   Sovay (3:09)
10. Twa Corbies (2:50)
11. Coleman's March/
      Crucharan's Cross (3:06)
12. Walkin' Jerusalem (2:13)
13. Four Nights Drunk (2:46)

Ben Seymour on vocals, dulcimers, guitar and banjo; Becky Cleland on vocals, dulcimer and bones.
Arrangements by Ben Seymour and Becky Cleland. 
2002 Kudzu Patch Productions, 2142 Coxe Rd., Tryon NC 28782   KPP 009

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  Grandad's Porch
Ben Seymour & Becky Cleland
Sandy Boys
Tater Patch
Old Joe Clark
Over the Waterfall
Devil & the Farmer's Wife
Blackberry Blossom
Coleman's March
Clinch Mountain Backstep
Blind Fiddler
Handsome Molly/Angelina Baker
Nothing Else To Do* 
(*Floyd Avelin Hays, 1945)
Soldier's Joy
Cluck Old Hen
Froggy Went-A Courtin'
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
Mole in the Ground
Whiskey Before Breakfast
How Can I Keep From Singing

(**Ben, Becky & Charles & Elaine Cleland)
Jan Daugherty--viola & violin    Marshall Goers--mandolin    
   Phil Johnson--slide guitar          Eddie Ramsey--backup guitar 
Wayne Seymour--banjo  
Original recording 1998.  Remastered to CD, 2001.
Reviewed by Neal Walters in Dulcimer Players News, Feb.-April 2002:
"...rollicking old-time style (this is down home, back porch music) 
with a nice mix of both vocals and instrumentals."

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Ben's brother Wayne joins Ben and Becky to present a collection of traditional hymns played on dulcimer and guitar in a delightful old-time style. 

Down in the Valley to Pray
Becky Cleland, Ben Seymour and Wayne Seymour
   1. Down in the Valley to Pray
   2. Amazing Grace
   3. Holy Manna
   4. For the Beauty of the Earth
   5. In the Sweet Bye and Bye
   6. This is My Father's World
   7. Be Thou My Vision
   8. A Mighty Fortress
   9. Morning Song
   10. In the Garden
   11. Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
   12. Be Still My Soul
   13. What a Friend We Have in Jesus
   14. When I Can Read My Title Clear
   15. Bound for the Promised Land
   16. When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
   17. Glory to His name
   18. In Christ There Is No East or West
   19. When Jesus Wept
   20. Precious Fountain
   21. Oh, Mary Don't You Weep (Jam!)
   22. Sweet Hour of Prayer
   23. Down in the Valley to Pray (vocal)

Ben Seymour--dulcimers & guitar
Wayne Seymour--nylon and 
   steel-string guitars, dulcimers
Becky Cleland--chromatic dulcimer
Recorded and produced 
by Ben Seymour 
for Kudzu Patch Productions

For detailed information about the tunes 
and instruments, including dulcimer
 tunings, send a SASE to: 
Wayne Seymour, 115 Cove Rd., 
Reidsville, NC 27320

Arrangements by 
Becky, Ben and the Big'Un. 
2002 Kudzu Patch Productions, 
2142 Coxe Rd., Tryon NC 28782

KPP 008

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Tis Himself
Ben Seymour
Tis Himself is Ben's solo romp through a wide variety of tunes on a large array of instruments including originals and traditional pieces, from the serene to the rollicking and humorous.
Tis Himself, by Ben Seymour

"Ben's new CD is a showpiece for his musicianship and talent. The wide variety of musical genre-- 28 tracks--and the use of differently voiced instruments (scheitholt, standard, Galax, baritone and bass dulcimers, dulcinator (!) and others) ensures that there is something for everyone. Of special note is the resonance and depth of Ben's voice which shines on the a capella tracks, and his bass and baritone instrumentals echo that magnificent sound."

-- Janita Baker, Blue Lion Dulcimers

1.  I'll Shake These Bones
2.  Blind Mary
3.  Lord Inchiquin
4.  How Firm A Foundation
5.  Mississippi Sawyer/Forked Deer
6.  Orangutango (original)
7.  Polska efter Verde Crik (original)
8.  Sail Away Ladies
9.  Rambles to Machias (original)
10. Planxty Fanny Poer
11. Pleyell (Children of the Heavenly King)
12. Samanthra
13. The Water is Wide
14. Thickety Creek (original)
15. Spotted Pony/
      Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss/
      Handsome Molly/Ol' Joe Clark
16. Unnamed Dance 1 (original)
17. Windy Day in May (original)
18. Barbara Allen
19. Grackle Song (original)
20. Unnamed Dance 2 (original)
21. Johnny Comes Marching Home
22. White Pass and Yukon Route (original)
23. If I Had Maggie in the Wood
24. Scheitholt Hymn (original)
25. Wintermorn (original)
26. Throat singing
27. Nervous Breakdown
28. Diddy Bow Blues (original)

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